MBK International Ministries

      God wants to take the men of this end time and raise them up to be the men He has called them to be. Many have been abandon and rejected and don't know who they are. Their identity is wrapped up in there titles, there bank acct. and  here material possessions. Our identity is in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

     We support men from all walks of Life. Supporting, Encouraging and Motivating men. Bringing them out of bondage into the liberty that is in Christ Jesus. You are a"Mighty Man of God" the enemy knows who you are it's time to be introduced to the real you.

     On behalf of men  across this country. I challenge you to come out and join MBK  and see what really makes you tick. We provide Men's Support Groups, One-on-One counseling and outings and events. Through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and your willingness, your life can and will change. We are raising the standard and bridging the gap. Come join us!