MBK International Ministries

              MBK International Ministry  was established to building up, Edifying, Teaching and affirming God's people to walk in the identity given them by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Renewing the mind and healing the wounds that have kept people trapped in darkness. It is our mission to empower and educate God's people from all walks of life to walk in the power and authority given to them by Christ Jesus.

    MBK International Ministry is an international faith-based ministry, not a church. We believe in the Kingdom principles of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our goal is to develop and provide a strategic streamline that stimulates and motivates the people of God to build a deeper relationship with God, and to activate the gifts lying within them through bible studies, mentorship, training and teachings, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are seeing the lives of many people as well as families being changed. 

    Deliverance and Healing was a key part of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The super-natural power of Christ healed and delivered and that power me move in. Bringing healing to those in need and deliverance from many different spirits on the earth today.

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                      SATURDAY'S 8:00PM EST / 5;00PM PST


                            MBKI MINISTRIES SERVICE TIMES                                                               SUNDAY SERVICE TIME @ 5:00 PM PST                              

             OUR LOCATION: 1504 Chestnut St #D  Everett WA, 98201